12 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter

She’s at school, with all that implies, and you are quite right to be worried if her new friend is a bad influence. I’ve told him I don’t want commitment, he says he understands and wants to continue our relationship, but I know he’s hoping I’ll change my mind.

From everything you’ve told me, she sounds like a wonderful girl.To this day, I hear the word used at least weekly outside of work. I still think dating is immoral, but there is no need to use such harsh language. Criticism of beliefs is alright, and in this case it was much needed. A while after this post published, I removed a line from the letter-writer’s update about “sexual deviancy” that seems to refer to LGBTQ people and others.You may see reference to it in the comment section so I wanted to provide that context.I’ve tried to talk and find out what it is she finds so appealing about the girl but she says she ‘just does’.She wanted me to keep it a secret from the rest of the family, but my ex-husband (her dad) found out via Facebook and says he told her he just wants her to be happy. He brought her up since she was three but moved hundreds of miles away about five years ago, so she sees him about once a month.

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