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If you're worried about any rebukes for acting with impropriety from possible onlookers, then feign a slip on the wet ground (without actually spraining your ankle, like Marianne in Sense and Sensibility), so that your date has an excuse to whisk you into his arms.A private estate is probably the best setting for trying this tip - and remember, aim for 'tousled beauty' rather than 'drowned rat' as the desired look.Woven throughout the novel are timeless lessons on dating relationships as formed within the contexts of family, friends, and faith. My sister got me your book as a “pick-me-up” gift, because I am a HUGE Pride and Prejudice fan.A guy’s character is inescapably shaped by these other relationships, all of which the sensible girl takes into account when it comes to romance in the 21st century. Looking for a great girl’s small group guide, graduation or Valentine’s gift? Reading your book was very enlightening, insightful, and a breath of fresh air.Jane Austen has taught us that piano-playing is highly regarded at intimate gatherings, though at a pinch you can simply take charge of the stereo or laptop at house parties nowadays. Like Catherine in Northanger Abbey and the Bennet girls in Pride and Prejudice, you could be called upon at any moment to show off your footwork.Even if it's just the local nightclub, a few perfectly executed dance moves will work in your favour.On the other hand, you should probably exploit every social opportunity for chance encounters with handsome, dashing strangers.

Above all, Austen teaches us that we can't hurry love, but that the dating game can be fun, and when the right person comes along, rational thought will give way to flying sparks.

It worked for Lizzy Bennet and Mr Darcy, and it worked (briefly) for Marianne Dashwood and John Willoughby.

It seems that running about in the rain, without any appropriate wet weather gear, can be the best way to initiate some physical contact from your suitor.

Whether you can recite paragraphs from Pride and Prejudice or just admire Colin Firth in his wet T-shirt, the romance of Jane Austen’s world is one you’ll never forget. You’ll also learn: • How to flirt like a regular Lizzy Bennet.

• To lead a conversation with a man (even if he’s leading the dance). Whether you’re in the throes of early dating or pondering a leap in a long-term relationship, The Jane Austen Rules is your essential guide to approaching love with, well, sense and sensibility.

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