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In retrospect, Brittany said that this was no way for her daughter to live.'I was able to take care of her but it wasn't at any energy level that was ...

it was sad for her because the quality of her life was suffering because of how my life was,' said Brittany.

Billy also spoke about how tough it was to run the home those two months that his wife was away, and how he stepped back from golf to focus on raising his daughter.'I had great support from family and friends, my dad came and lived with me for a couple of months while we moved into a new house,' said Billy.'I missed four or five events I played on the PGA tour to be at home and be with Skylar.

The only two events I played were the US Open and British Open, so it was tough because she ran the household.'Brittany first shared the story of her struggle back in May, after her husband's tearful win at the AT&T Byron Nerlson Classic.

In fact the only time it has really been serious was understandably when it sensitively handled the tragic death of John Ritter and his character.

And I really just encourage the father-daughter relationship for both my children. I just think a lot of people think I'm just trying to take a child away from her father, that's never been the case. That's not the case and never will be the case, no matter what. Something tells us DRAGGING each other on Instagram isn't the best way to find peace, but we digress.

The wife of professional golfer Billy Horschel detailed her struggle with alcoholism in an interview Wednesday morning on Good Morning America.

Brittany Horschel revealed that she spent years hiding vodka in water bottles around her home and hotel rooms so that her friends and family would not know that she had a drinking problem.

I know that he's young, he's wild, and he has the bad boy persona, and I just knew that it just wasn't going to be the best situation.

I totally want him to be hands on with her, and be a father, and try and get it more focused, and leave all the other bullsh-t that he has going on, alone.""It's nothing hateful, ill or malicious in my bones.

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