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I really don't understand how the hospital released him so soon without doing another cats on before he left?????!!! My mom had a brain bleed and because of that drug and the body's inability to clot because of it, we had to wait 8 days before they could do surgery.

In the meantime she was losing the ability to speak and moblity.

[on working with Joan Crawford on The Best of Everything (1959)] "I was fortunate that there was this tension with her.This brain swelling, added to the blood leaking from the torn vessel, forces the brain down through the small hole at the base of the skull called the foramen magnum.The parts of the brain that come in direct contact with the bone around this opening get so compressed that they stop working.They suspect it's been bleeding for 3 days by the CTI.He just went through radiation and he has 4th stage cancer. My dad fell and hit his hospital with a minor brain bleed that seemed stable..stable enough that they released him 24 hours later.was home from the hospital for 4 hours and then found unresponsive on couch barely breathing ..taken back to hospital only to discover bleed bled out of control and pushed brain aside declaring him brain dead ..passed the next morning ..

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