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At 10 feet I could still smell it but it was lovely and distinctive. You have to be careful not to spray too much and it will last many hours so a 100 ml bottle will last over a year with daily use. It's just like water with some orange and patchouli in it, it doesn't last at all.

She was wearing a power suit and high heals and was a bit of a snot, saying it was very expensive!! I immediately tracked CM down, sampled it and fell in love. When I purchased my first 100 ml bottle I paid . The third time I bought the edt which is less expensive but this was a mistake. It is definitely not understated and not everyone loves it. *I have the 2016 edition - the scent projects for an hour then sits close to the skin for the next hour or two. I mean, it's pretty, but the original Coco is far superior, imo. 5 on my mother and so that is my set point for how a fragrance should smell. I tested one spritz on my arm last month and ended up scrubbing with dish soap a couple of hours later. I experienced the same problem with J'adore by Dior.

I think all of the notes are blended so beautifully together.

This perfume is a little soapy on me but it's very elegant.

The patchouli note is quite strong but not overruling.

Floral – orange – earthy Color impression: crepe pink A tart luminous aroma of tea-like green floral rose/neroli and sweet orange-like aldehyde plus enticing jasmine compose a boneless creamy floral pattern that displays ultimate feminine motif.

This is while a viscous patchouli and semi-fougère woodsy base signify a light masculine identity in its femininity.

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Maybe I don't care so much patchouli and this smells very much from that.

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