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The DNS server, beleiving it is an “authority” for the that zone, will answer the query instead of querying another dns server for the answer.

Such a server could also be configured as a “primary” or “master” resolver for domains associated with malware and spyware.The resolved address could be 1) a loopback address or; 2) a local internal web server configured to “answer” all image requests mapped to a single pixel image file, and all text pages mapped to a warning message page; or 3) a machine with a personal firewall.The last two configurations have the added advantage of generating log files for inspection as well as enable a snort or other IDS system to continue to see traffic.↑ Table of Contents ↑ This step must be completed with the company you purchased your domain from.You can contact the support department at your domain registrar for help if necessary.

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Note: When changing your name servers at your domain registrar’s website, some registrars require that you input them using all lowercase letters (eg.

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