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If you get sexually aroused reading these stories, or have had similiar experiences that you still fantasize about, I'm an experience goodlooking dominant very...

I had told my doctor I like to rub myself and be excited and then wet my panties when I climax. I was embarrassed to admit why I thought I had yeast infection.

I'm looking for people primarily in the Washington DC area 100 mile radius, but am willing to travel to other cities.

While I was still undressed the doctor brought out a book that...

Some men’s embarrassing medical experiences seem to involve having a young female medical assistant show up for their exam, and not have any real function except to watch while they are examined naked.

The day before, we'd gone on an Air Force field trip to Edwards AFB.

There hadn't been time for breakfast, I didn't eat much lunch as I accidentally got liver [which I intensely dislike...

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O got substituted of the pitch and taken up to the dressing rooms. About 10 days later I had to for for a follow up in his office.

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