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“People will form an intense connection with their robot companions.“These robots will be tailor-made to meet people’s desires, and will do things that human partners cannot or will not do.The virtual worlds of Twitter and Facebook have transported us into these universes where we express our thoughts to global audience.Internet gives a power to truly democratize power of Kings and Rulers of nation.However it is very easy to understand the implications of this human need which co-insides with most basic need to humans i.e to be social. It would be all virtual enabled by devices that control the eco system.The Lawnmover Man and Disclosure or The Matrix may just be the right way for us humans to interact socially in the Future.THE craze for sex robots will lead to a growing number of men whose only sexual and romantic relationships will be with dolls, academics say.So-called "digisexuals" will shun human partners in favour of the new kind of virtual reality porn and customisable robots able to speak and interact.

including at the world's first brothel staffed entirely by robots.We do everything people do when people get together, but we do it with words on computer screens leaving our bodies behind.Transition from Real world to Virtual World Humans by nature are social animals, everything that we do including action, agreement, disagreement are driven by social behaviors and heavily influenced by how our tribe thinks and feels.With so much power in hand, where are we going next?Does this mean, we as humans have an inner desire to be in virtual world all the time where the power is limitless and imagination is boundless? Will there be a time in future, where humans as social animals will decline face2face meetings and gatherings as virtual worlds become more powerful and ubiquitous. The time is not far when the power of virtual world will force us to stay in virtual worlds and behave in the most natural way possible without the need to be involved in real world face to face interations. Closer than ever With the advent of this virtual world, challenges will follow.

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High-tech sex dolls with realistic silicone skin and the ability to flirt and even simulate orgasms have become increasingly available.

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