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“They rounded them up, stripped them naked, cut off their hair and beat them before expelling them from the city,” she says.The affair earned the district chief of police, Suleyman Ulusoy, the nickname Suleyman “the Hose” ( The danger right now is that Erdogan feels legitimate in the current crackdown because he won a majority in the last elections, Esmeray says. Last summer, part of Turkey’s military attempted, and failed, to overthrow the president.Now the 18-year-old sits at the window of a transgender brothel in Istanbul’s run-down Tarlabasi neighborhood.Wary and standoffish, she doesn’t do the big hair and false eyelashes ubiquitous among her co-workers.On the other, hate crimes are becoming more frequent in the current political climate.

Then just as Rosie was about to leave, he caught her eye and raised a finger to his upper lip. It didn’t work as well this time (inexplicably, she seems to prefer millionaire movie stars to middle-aged men with grown-up children), but the gag put her at ease.

‘He had this moustache tattooed on his finger and he waggled it at me,’ she explained. Even the most beautiful women in the world want to have a laugh sometimes.

Then, when there was a break in the conversation, I waggled my finger at Rosie.

Most go unreported, but, in August, the brutal killing of Hande Kader, a 23-year-old sex worker and activist, shocked the nation. In a country where being gay is heavily stigmatized, men often gang up to attack and rape transgender sex workers, she says. “I cannot cry when one of my friends is murdered because I have gotten used to living with that. On Tarlabasi Boulevard, transgender sex workers openly ply their trade. Arzu, 28, sees five or six clients a night, receiving 100 lira () an hour “for all services.” “I hate this work,” she says. They stole my bag and my money.” She went to the police, who told her it was her fault. The police are also her tormentors, regularly threatening violence or imprisonment unless she shells out payments. “Hande Kader could happen to me or another friend.” The conspicuous nature of Istanbul’s transgender sex trade seems remarkable in a predominantly Muslim country, one of the many paradoxes of a society at the meeting point between East and West.

Such cases of systematic police harassment have been widely reported by human rights groups like Amnesty International. But, while homosexuality was decriminalized in the dying days of the Ottoman Empire, way before most European countries, there are no laws protecting LGBTI people from hate crimes. Gender-bending stars like Bulent Ersoy are showered with public affection, while transgender people on the ground face a daily struggle to stay alive.

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