What does battery dating violence mean

A domestic violence attorney is needed to help the abused present a case and grounds for injunction.

In other cases, the accused may need an attorney if they find themselves defending charges of domestic violence.

If a copy of the completed evaluation has not been provided to the court, the court may proceed to sentence the defendant; however, in such event, it shall be presumed that counseling is required unless the defendant makes a showing by a preponderance of evidence that counseling is not required.

If the defendant has not made a good faith effort to provide the completed copy of the evaluation to the court, the court may consider the failure of the defendant to provide the report as an aggravating circumstance in determining an appropriate sentence.

Such evaluation shall be completed prior to the sentencing date if the court’s list of approved evaluators, in accordance with paragraph (c) of this subsection, contains evaluators who are able to perform the evaluation prior to the sentencing dates.

If the evaluation recommends counseling or other treatment, the evaluation shall recommend the type of counseling or treatment considered appropriate for the defendant, together with the estimated costs thereof, and shall recommend any other suitable alternative counseling or treatment programs, together with the estimated costs thereof.

In that event, the court may order the defendant to complete a less costly alternative set forth in the evaluation or a comparable program.

Funds to establish a system for approval of evaluators shall be derived from moneys designated therefor and deposited in the district court fund as provided in section 31-3201A(16), Idaho Code.[18-918, added 1993, ch.

Unfortunately, there are far too many people across the United States and here in Florida who are experiencing domestic violence.

In most counties throughout the United States and Florida including our hometown of Tampa and Hillsborough County, there are four different types of civil injunction petitions that can be filed with the Clerk of Court.

They include domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence and repeat violence.

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